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  • Luxurious Soaps | HoneyChileHairLove

    Welcome to Honey & Maple St. Soap Co. We invite you to enjoy the experience of our all Natural, Handcrafted Artisan soaps, that nourish your skin and replenish moisture all the while giving you a deep cleansing and a real skin treat! 快速瀏覽 Strawberry Dreamsicle Luxury Artisan Soap 價格 $8.00 新增到購物車中 快速瀏覽 Juicy Fruit Artisan Soap 價格 $8.00 新增到購物車中 快速瀏覽 Golden Honey & Oat Artisan Soap 價格 $8.00 新增到購物車中 快速瀏覽 Splash Artisan Soap 價格 $8.00 新增到購物車中 快速瀏覽 Nightcrawler Detoxification Artisan Soap 價格 $8.00 新增到購物車中 快速瀏覽 Tidal Wave Artisan Soap 價格 $8.00 新增到購物車中 快速瀏覽 Banana & Honey Moisturizing Shampoo Bar 價格 $9.00 新增到購物車中 快速瀏覽 Wicked Beauty Artisan Bar 價格 $8.00 新增到購物車中 快速瀏覽 Sea Moss & Turmeric Balancing & Complexion Bar 價格 $8.00 新增到購物車中 快速瀏覽 24 Carrot Nourishing Complexion Bar 價格 $8.00 新增到購物車中 快速瀏覽 The Juice Box (Feminine Cleanser) 價格 $8.00 新增到購物車中 快速瀏覽 Island Margarita Luxury Artisan Soap 價格 $8.00 新增到購物車中 快速瀏覽 Blackberry Peach Luxury Artisan Soap 價格 $8.00 新增到購物車中 快速瀏覽 Red Velvet Cake Luxury Artisan Soap 價格 $8.00 新增到購物車中 快速瀏覽 Sweet Georgia Peach 價格 $9.00 新增到購物車中 快速瀏覽 ReNew Detox 價格 $8.00 新增到購物車中 快速瀏覽 SoulFlower Yoni Bar 價格 $8.00 新增到購物車中 快速瀏覽 The Phoenix (Excellent for Eczema & Dry Skin) 價格 $8.00 新增到購物車中 快速瀏覽 Rosemary Rejuvenation 2.0 Shampoo Bar 價格 $9.00 新增到購物車中 快速瀏覽 Honey & Maple St. Soap Sample Pack of 3 價格 $9.00 新增到購物車中 載入更多

  • For Your Home | HoneyChileHairLove

    Luxury Home Goods 快速瀏覽 Peaches & Cranberry Luxuriously Fragrant Wax Melts 價格 $7.00 快速瀏覽 Cactus Blossom & Pear Luxuriously Fragrant Wax Melts 價格 $7.00 快速瀏覽 KaBloom Plant Replenishing Mist 價格 $10.00 快速瀏覽 Sugared Lemon Luxury Wax Melts 價格 $6.00 快速瀏覽 Hawaiian Marigold & Lime Linen Mist 價格 $10.00 快速瀏覽 Rose & Sea Salt Linen Mist 價格 $10.00 快速瀏覽 Pillow Talk Sleep Enhancing Linen Mist 價格 $10.00 快速瀏覽 The Snuggle is Real Luxury Wax Melts 價格 $6.00

  • Talk to Us/FAQ | HoneyChileHairLove

    TALK TO US We'd love to hear from you ​E-MAIL Please use the form below for any questions or concerns you may have! Submit Thanks for submitting! FIND US Visit our Facebook page ​ *Please note: We do not answer questions about orders through the Facebook page* ​ FAQ 1 ​How do I place an order? You can place your order by clicking on the product desired and clicking "Add to cart" 2 Payment & Shipping Currently our processing time is 3-5 business days before your order ships out. Once an order is shipped, each customer will receive an email notification containing their tracking number to track their package. All orders are mailed via US Postal Service. Orders placed on Saturday, Sunday or national holidays will be processed on the following business day. 3 International Shipping Yes, we do ship worldwide via USPS Mail. International orders for non priority packages will arrive between 14-21 business days. This may take longer if package is held in customs. International orders shipped Priority Mail will arrive between 10-14 business days. All custom fees are at the expense of each customer. Customers are notified of custom charges by their local postal service and should a package be returned for failure of custom charges paid, the customer must pay the shipping fee to have the package reshipped which we will send via PayPal invoice. Should the customer wish to have a refund,we will refund all monies excluding shipping. 4 Returns & Refunds Due to the Handcrafted nature of our products, we do not accept returns. If there is a problem with your order please email us directly at ​ If you receive your order and it has been damaged in transit please email pictures of damaged product along with your order number to the email mentioned above.